Upon review of all of my blogs, I realized that I have not learned material in this class that will help me in the real world, which is primarily why I am in college. Yes, this class was fun for the most part, and reading and learning the history behind the Brothers Grimm fairy tales was extremely interesting. However, all of the textual analysis we did throughout the semester I had previously done in high school. In addition, this class did not contribute to my majors or my program of study, so I feel that this time was wasted for the most part. Given, this conclusion seems harsh but it is true. I do not believe I will ever apply the materials I learned is this course to the real world. Therefore, because of this class, I have developed an opinion on Luthi’s idea that a fairy tale is the real world in miniature. I agree that there are struggles in these stories that represent the world in which we live. However, they are romanticized and idealized so that the endings of fairy tales are either extremely happy or extremely horrific. These tales are not realistic, nor do they help me solve my everyday struggles. In all, they are too optimistic for my taste.


 What I have gathered from this class is that fairy tales are extremely sexual, racist, misogynistic, and bigoted. After taking this class, the fairy tale is ruined for me. Disney’s movies no longer hold the childhood nostalgic charm that they once did because I am forced to consider what sinister undertone Disney implicated in every movie he developed. In my opinion, this class was much too opinionated for me to be able to effectively formulate my own ideas about the true meaning of these fairy tales.


Given all of these critiques, there is one thing that I will never forget from this class and that is the word zeitgeist. Realisitcally, that is the sole concept that will stay with me throughout the rest of my life because I like that word.






The Brothers Grimm (2005) Punks Your Favorite Fairy Tales



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