“The Walking Dead” Meets “Little Red Riding Hood”

Dead-Riding-Hood-4             Fairy tales have always fascinated society and, subsequently, many become intent on reworking them and stamping them with their own personal labels. This is the case in the comic above that depicts the storyof “Little Red Riding Hood” but has turned it into “Little Dead Riding Hood.”

I thoroughly enjoy this comic for various reasons. Primarily, this cartoon plays upon the social phenomenon of the zombie. We have shows like “The Walking Dead” that we are infatuated with, but why? Why are we so obsessed with the undead? This may be because of our fear of death. In living, we know we must inevitably die one day so we unconsciously occupy our thoughts with creatures that have died but still live. This is what we hope will happen to us. This viewpoint on the living dead also relates to religion in that believing in a higher power implies a life after death. However, our society has turned away from religion and is now consumed with zombies.

The social aspect aside, this comic is interesting because it is a complete role reversal. The helpless little Red Riding Hood is now preying upon the once feared wolf. While in the fairy tale the wolf is construed as a sexual predator, here he is anything but. Here, Red Riding Hood is not the naïve, ignorant girl who thought that straying from the path and taking up with a wolf were not such bad ideas. Instead, she is looking for her next meal and has conveniently stumbled upon the wolf cross dressing as her grandmother. This begs another question; was Little Red on her way to eat her grandmother?


Comic by Jason Scott: http://site.daftgadgets.com/blog1/warped-humor-zombie-comic-strip/



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